Choosing a footrest for a car seat – which one to choose?

A footrest for a child's car seat is an essential piece of equipment that ensures your child travels comfortably and safely in the car seat.

Before buying a footrest for a car seat, here are some important factors to consider. Ask the seller what to check yourself and compare. Below you will find a few useful tips! 😊

When choosing a footrest for your child’s car seat, pay attention to several aspects:

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  • Is it durable enough? For example, can your child stand on it? Our little ones are adorable, but you can’t always keep an eye on them 😅. When they stand on the footrest, plastic can crack and potentially harm your child. Choose a car seat footrest with a sturdy construction capable of supporting the weight of your sweet “bouncy” child with ease! 💪
  • Has it passed durability tests, rollover tests, and crash tests? Remember, everything you place in your car during an accident poses a real threat. Only tests conducted in well-known, reputable, and accredited laboratories will give you the assurance that nothing bad should happen to you!
  • Are the adjustment mechanisms resistant to dirt? Dust and sand are unavoidable, so it’s wise to choose a footrest with additional brushes to protect against dirt. I know it’s hard to assess what adjustment mechanisms are made of. Plastic, by definition, is weak. However, if the footrest is made of aluminum and steel, and uses durable bearings, you can be sure it will serve you for many years.
  • Is it additionally secured to the floor? This is also crucial – imagine the stool you’re standing on suddenly sliding sideways … it sends shivers down your spine. That’s why the footrest should be secured to the floor, allowing your child to safely stand on it and ensuring the footrest remains in place, even during an accident or sudden braking! Floor mounting is an extra guarantee of safety!
  • What about the warranty – 1, 2, or 5 years? Is it important? In our view, it’s a critical element. You need to trust the construction. The footrest should be designed to be used reliably for many years!Only OKIDAY offers a 5-year warranty on their footrests – why? Because we oppose planned product obsolescence. We care about the environment and want our footrests to serve you for a very long time!

💡You buy a car seat footrest for your child for many years, and during this time, it should work without any issues, especially it should not break. 💡

Plastic components break easily. Want to check durability? Press your hands on the supports where your child will place their feet.

If the supports bend easily under light pressure, skip that purchase and opt for a sturdier construction.
The reason is simple – your child has a lot of energy, and a more dynamic stance on the footrest could lead to accidents!

A design made from lightweight metals ensures proper strength and durability of the footrest. It’s also an additional guarantee of trouble-free operation for many years. True – it will be a bit heavier and probably a bit more expensive, but it will serve all your children! ⚙️




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