Seat inserts
Move travel comfort
your child to the higher
A more comfortable seat
in the car
We love traveling, both far and near. Just thinking about holidays makes us warm and nice, not to mention trips to the mountains from where we bring a lot of pleasant memories, but what to do to make the journey for our children as comfortable as for us?
The child spends many hours in the car seat and it is worth taking care of its comfort and safety, and at the same time a pleasant atmosphere during the journey.
Did you know that the car seats you sit on are filled with 6-8 cm thick foam?
Children in their seats mostly sit on plastic and styrofoam…
None of us would like to sit on a hard chair if there was a comfortable armchair next to it - right?
Safety in the automotive industry
is a priority.
However, if the child is sitting incorrectly in the seat or the seat belt is incorrectly positioned in relation to the child's body - then the seat is not able to ensure the safety of your child!
• driving without wearing a seatbelt
• driving with incorrectly fastened seat belts
• driving with incorrectly positioned seat belts
against the body...
they are just as dangerous!
Taking all this into account, we have designed special inserts that not only increase the comfort of the child's ride in the seat, but also affect the safety of our children on the go.
Increasing the child's comfort
we make it safer
in the car seat.
The special ergonomic shape of the inserts, with variable geometry and density as well as changing thickness, makes the child sit comfortably. Thanks to this, it is able to maintain the correct sitting position in the seat for longer.
The thickness of the inserts is selected to meet the needs of the child
weighing 15-36 kg.
Special holes in the foam, acting as air bellows, force the air movement between your child's clothes and the seat. This makes the child sweat less, even on hot days.
This solution was taken directly from the automotive industry - ventilated seats were designed for adults, we did the same for children
years warranty
Specially selected insert material ensures durability for at least 5 years! The inserts will serve your child throughout the use of the seat.
Safe for children
seat inserts
Dynamic test
ECE Reg. 129/03
Our inserts have obtained a positive result in dynamic tests. The test was carried out by one of the TUV accredited testing facilities. It was carried out in accordance with the requirements of the ECE Regulation No. 129.03, i.e. in accordance with the latest and most restrictive requirements for child car seats.
Dynamic test
ECE Reg. 17
In addition, to confirm the lack of a negative impact on the structure of the seat and the parameters related to energy dissipation, a test simulating the impact of the child's head against the headrest was carried out. The headrest inserts have a neutral effect on the energy dissipation capacity of the headrest of the child seat.
Flammability Testing Laboratory
PN-EN 71-2:2014/06
Additional flammability tests of the inserts confirmed that they are retardant, thus complying with the requirements of Reg. 129/03 for the materials of which the seat is made.
Health Quality Certificate PZH
OKIDAY inserts for children's car seats are safe for children's health. Have a Health Quality Certificate issued by the National Institute of Public Health.
Certificate Tested product
The inserts have also been checked in terms of their qualityand ensuring the quality of production and standards maintained in the production plant. The highest quality is our priority.
You can read more about the tests and certificates of Okiday inserts for child car seats at
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