Sum of good experiences!
OKIDAY is a Polish family company.
It is the result of an idea and a need, a twist of fate, received support and determination to create solid and functional objects.

For our children, for ourselves, and now also for you.
Just a few years ago, the word OKIDAY meant "colorful dreams" for us, which our 2-year-old son wished us then.

Today we say that one of these dreams has become a reality, and OKIDAY is becoming a professional way of family life.
i Magdalena

Our team
Our team is a real mix of diverse
experience, a whole range of competences and beautiful
personality patchwork.
Dariusz Pełka
Sales Manager / CEO
Constructor and inventor, co-founder of the company, father of two unruly but lovely kids 😉
Magdalena Pełka
Customer Service Manager
She cares about the quality of services provided to customers, as well as two children, their dad and dog Karmel 😉
Krzysztof Pełka
Logistic & Production Manager / COO
Cheerful engineer, firmly on the ground. A friend of everything with more than 2 legs 😉
Anna Kokosza - Jaźwiec
Marketing Manager
Always smiling, an optimist with an infinite number of ideas. Lover of cinema, pets and skiing
From the combination of these powers, OKIDAY draws to the full, putting cooperation
and partnership as the fundamental foundations of our corporate everyday life.
All so that what we do serves you the way it does
we planned - as best as possible!
We create practical,
functional and durable products
As a company, we focus on solid and practical solutions.
We are against deliberate aging of products. We want objects to serve us for many years, as in the past, and not, as today, only for a short while.
Our Vision
We provide solutions that improve the ergonomics, safety and comfort of a child while learning, playing and traveling to customers around the world.
We create practical, functional and durable solutions that are easy and pleasant to use.
We create practical, functional and durable solutions that are easy and pleasant to use.
Your needs are a source of inspiration and new ideas for us
it is thanks to you and for you that we exist
The safety of using each product is our priority!