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OKIDAY desks are a response to the changing needs of a growing child. They allow you to learn and play while maintaining the correct body posture.

Sit By Me desks can be freely configured, adapting them to the needs of your child!

Table top
• it is handmade, after varnishing it shows the natural beauty of wood,
• it is thicker than in the case of ordinary desks (plywood 27 mm thick), which makes it very durable
• has recesses for easy mounting of accessories
part of the countertop
• allows you to adjust the angle of inclination in the range of 0 – 40 degrees
• allows you to set it in five positions. Just raise the tabletop to the desired height and the system of automatic latches will keep the desired position
• it rises very slightly, thanks to additional shock absorption on springs.
• has many functional compartments that easily fit a notebook, crayons and other items
• is made of scratch-resistant material and is easy to clean
Tablet / laptop stand
• gives you extra desk space
• provides the correct viewing angle for the computer screen
• holes allow air to flow into the device
Height adjustment
• desks have a very simple and, above all, durable, intuitive and reliable mechanism for changing the height of the desk.
Just turn the knobs to smoothly change the height and adjust it to individual needs.
Unique colors
Choose a color that matches yours
interiors, up to 6 unique colors to choose from:
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