6 things you need to do when planning a trip

Holidays are coming soon! Trip plans most likely confirmed,

now all that’s left to do is wait for that long-awaited date! Apart from the destination itself, it is worth taking a moment to prepare a travel plan, especially if we are going there by car. Let’s drop it off

6 tips to remember when planning a car trip.

6 things you need to do when planning a trip:

1. Check the condition of the vehicle.

Before a long journey, make sure that all car inspections are up to date. Check the condition of oil and other operating fluids. Test your bulbs – make sure all lights are working properly. Don’t forget about the windshield wipers! And naturally – clear the snow thoroughly from your car. We would like to remind you that for not clearing the snow from your car (or even your license plates!) you can be fined!

2. Plan your route.

We know that there are navigations, Google Maps, etc., but it is worth being secured in this aspect also in analogue. It happened more than once that the phone died, the cable stopped charging, the navigation went crazy, and Google Maps leads through roads that do not exist.

Check and write down the roads you plan to take, including the names of the towns through which your route leads. You won’t make the most of it, but if the technology fails, you’ll be the hero of the trip!

3. Pack your bags properly.

It is important that no items (especially heavy luggage!) are allowed to fly around the car. Upon impact, even an innocent-looking water bottle turns into a projectile and can be extremely dangerous!

4. Follow several important rules in the car:

• always wear your seat belt

• do not get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or other drugs

• obey traffic rules. These speed limits in built-up areas are really there for a reason.

5. A safe and comfortable child seat is essential.

Comfort and convenience are important, especially on longer routes. Comfort

and comfort, also translate into travel safety. Check whether the seats are properly installed and comfortable enough. Make sure that the child adopts thecorrectposition while riding: his or her legs are properly supported and the belts are correctly positioned in relation to the body. There are several accessories available that you can add to child seats to significantly improve comfort and safety. What accessories are worth considering:

• footrests for car seats – “dangling” legs most often mean numbness in the legs and kicking in the front seat. By adjusting the appropriate height of the child’s leg supports, you ensure a proper and comfortable sitting position in the seat.

• anti-sweat seat insert – supports comfort because it issoft, and the specially designedfoamensures that the child has adequate ventilation of the seat and sweats less

6. Stops.

We know that even when on vacation we are usually short on time, and each minute of break only lengthens an already long route. When planning it, take into account stops. It is worth taking short rest breaks every 2 hours.

Remember, the most important thing is that the number of trips always = the number of returns!

Safe travels!


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