New car versus a child, how to protect your car against damage?

Buying a new car is a great investment that evokes a lot of emotions and joy. However, when it comes to transporting a child, our new acquisition may become the arena of unexpected "attacks."

So how to protect your car against damage caused by children’s activity? Here are some practical solutions.

1. Protective Covers

One of the basic ways to protect your car from children are protective covers. By choosing covers made of durable, easy-to-clean materials, we can effectively protect the upholstery against dirt and accidental damage.

2. OKIDAY footrests

OKIDAY footrests are the perfect solution that will help protect armchairs against children’s kicking legs. These practical footrests can be attached to the ISOFIX connectors and rest on the car floor, providing your little one with a comfortable, stable and durable place to rest their legs. Thanks to them, the seats will remain intact and the child will be comfortable during the journey.

3. Seat organizers

Seat organizers are a great way to keep your car tidy and give your child room to store their toys, books and other travel accessories. Thanks to them, children will have their things within reach, which will minimize the risk of uncontrolled scattering of items around the car.

5. Policies and Education

Let’s not forget about an important aspect – education. Let’s explain to your child why we take care of the car and why it should not be destroyed. Communicating the rules of using a car can help your child understand the consequences of their actions.


A new car and children are a big challenge, but with the right safety measures and education, we can achieve harmony. OKIDAY protective covers, footrests, seat organizers and communication of rules are the key to keeping our car in perfect condition and at the same time ensuring your child’s comfort and safety during the journey.

And what do you think about it? – do you ever wonder what the value of a newly purchased car will be after a year of transporting unruly children in it?

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