Podnóżki do fotelików
Complete the car seat
practical for children
A proven method for dangling legs
your child in the car
We rarely think about comfort in the context of increasing travel safety, and as it turns out - this is a key issue.
All the safety devices that have been invented, e.g. seat belts, airbags, have no chance to work properly if our child is sitting incorrectly in the seat, e.g. circulation in your legs.
Using the engineering experience and years of observation of our children, we created a design of footrests that evolved as a result of many tests, both practical and
as well as laboratory ones.
We named them
solid support for our children's feet
Feet traps are a practical answer to the problem of your child's dangling, numb and tired legs while traveling.
When getting into the car, the child can stand stably on the footrest to take a comfortable position in the seat.
The construction of Feet-catchers is made of light metal alloys and no child will be able to destroy them. Feet-catchers have a solid supply of "power"
Thanks to the slim silhouette, the footrests take up very little space in the vehicle. The footrests can be easily folded up when extra space is needed. One hand movement is enough.
A great advantage is the stable foot catchers attached to the vehicle floor. This is our proprietary solution, inspired by the automotive industry.
Thanks to this solution, you can be sure that everything is securely fastened.
You can easily attach the footrests to any vehicle equipped with ISOFIX attachment points.
The footrest hook simply hooks into the eye of the ISOFIX point in the vehicle, and then removes the excess strap to keep the straps tight. It's all intuitive and functional.
Adjustment of the height of the supports
It is very simple and child friendly.
child alone,
depending on the
needs, maybe
lift or
leave the feet.
We wanted children to be able to do it on their own, because they feel best when they are most comfortable.

You gain priceless peace of mind.
OKIDAY footrests are also safe, which is confirmed by the positive results of tests that were carried out in accredited research laboratories in Poland and Europe.
It's all for
to assure you
that Footcatchers,
it's checked
and safe solution
They have been designed so
to serve your child
all the time it will be
need them….
that is, until he grows up

That's why we give you a guarantee
5 years of use!
years warranty
Safe footrests for children
Dynamic test
ECE Reg. 129/03
Our footrests have obtained a positive result in dynamic tests. The test was carried out by one of the TUV accredited testing facilities. It was carried out in accordance with the requirements of the ECE Regulation No. 129.03, i.e. in accordance with the latest and most restrictive requirements for child car seats.
Static test
ISO 27956:2009
In addition, to confirm the quality, durability and safety of our footrests, we conducted static tests in the accredited research laboratory Cartest Sp. z o. o. During the tests, the entire structure of the footrests was loaded, simulating the pressure on the footrests that children stand on. Thanks to these tests, we know that a load of 50 kG is not able to damage any element of the footrest.
Proven product
The footrests have also been checked for their qualityand to ensure production quality and standards maintained in the production facility. The highest quality is our priority.
More about tests and certificates
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