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A car seat footrest is a key piece of equipment that ensures your child's comfort and safety while traveling. What is worth knowing before buying it? Here are some tips! 😊

Did you know that the latest seats are tested in accordance with Regulation 129.03. We also tested the seat footrest in accordance with these regulations. One of the tests was a dynamic test, the so-called crash-test. It is necessary to demonstrate that the footrest, regardless of its weight, will be safe. This test mainly tests the strength of the footrest mounting system.

The OKIDAY footrest can be attached in two ways: to ISOFIX points using special hooks, and to the floor using strong Velcro. This connection ensures that the footrest remains in place even in the event of a collision or heavy braking. Another test is the durability test, which checks the strength of the entire footrest structure. Yet another one is a rollover simulation. You can read more about these tests below.

we show how our seat footrest was tested
Tests for compliance with UN/ECE Regulation 129.03

When choosing a child footrest for a car seat, check whether the mentioned tests have been carried out for it!

Another, equally important issue is whether we conduct tests and certificates in well-known and accredited research units? Why is this so important?

Every element placed in the car becomes heavier during sudden braking, which may pose a potential hazard. Imagine a small pebble. When you hold it in your hand nothing happens, but if you throw it at the glass, the glass will break…

The same applies to footrests. When braking, they can be a potential source of danger to you and your loved ones, which is why all tests and certificates are so important.

Unfortunately, not all tests guarantee your safety. Those carried out in laboratories that are not accredited do not give you any guarantee that the tested product is safe. It is even worse when the product does not have any tests and the data about the product is taken only from the manufacturer’s declaration…

So pay special attention to whether information, such as the durability of the product, has been confirmed by tests or is only a manufacturer’s declaration!

Car seat footrest tests

Every time we talk about a crash test in which we simulate an accident, or when we talk about a strength test in which we check the strength of a child’s footrest, or we conduct a rollover simulation – such a test should be performed in an entity that is accredited .

symmetrical load on child seat footrest
Strength test in accordance with ISO 27956:2009

Accreditation is nothing more than proof that:

– Technicians will properly check the measuring equipment used during the tests and make sure that the measurements performed on it will comply with the requirements of the standards and will be reliable.
– the personnel performing the tests have appropriate authorizations and can be trusted, because your safety depends on the results of these tests.
– finally, the quality management system in an accredited laboratory meets international requirements and standards guaranteeing, among others, repeatability of performed tests.
Therefore, we must carry out tests of the seat footrest in accredited research laboratories to make them reliable!


There are many more issues related to accreditation. It is important for you that the key features of the product regarding its safety and durability are confirmed by tests conducted in accredited research units, such as TÜV SÜD, TÜV NORD, DEKRA, CARTEST, ITS and others.

rollover simulation - footrest for a child seat
Simulation of rollover – footrest for a child seat

See how we tested our footrests!

We checked each element in:

👉 dynamic test in which we simulate an accident – thanks to these tests we know that our footrest, although it weighs a little more than other structures available on the market, remains in place in the event of a collision or sudden braking

👉 endurance test, in which we check the maximum durability of the footrests. Thanks to these tests, we know that only a weight of approximately 100-150 kg can damage our footrests. Some people find it hard to believe, but adults stood on our footrests and nothing happened – all mechanisms worked without a problem 😉

👉 rollover simulation, thanks to which we know how our footrest behaves when the car turns upside down 😉. The Velcro used works perfectly – the footrest does not even move, and all other items that are not attached to the floor unfortunately change their position…


It is worth considering all these issues and making a purchase that will provide you with many more benefits. For your benefit, a child’s car footrest must also have all the tests and certificates mentioned above. Seat footrest tests are extremely important and have a direct impact on the safety of you and your child!


Check out OKIDAY footrests for child car seats – it is a reliable, durable, safe and proven solution for many years.


And what do you think about it? – should we test the seat footrest for its durability? Should we perform crash tests or rollover simulations?
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