How to keep children occupied while traveling?

Every parent knows that if a child stays in the car for longer than 30 minutes, they can expect questions such as: "How far?", "How much longer?" when will we be there?, I'm bored... So it's worth, especially when planning a longer journey, to prepare a list of games that will make the journey more pleasant not only for you, but above all for your children. Who knows, maybe over time these games will become your family's holiday tradition?

We are well aware of the problem of “boredom on the road”. When we were recently going on holiday, planning our route, it occurred to us that we had to prepare an attractive list of fun activities for this trip. We knew that otherwise the route would be spent with kids browsing YouTube and leveling up in Roblox. We did it. Prepared, with a list full of ideas, we set off on our fourteen-hour route πŸ™‚

1. Give a word that starts with the last syllable (or an easier version – with the last letter) of the previous word.

You say the words one by one, but the next person must find a word for the last syllable of your word (or the last letter of your word), e.g. fridge -> last syllable β€œka”: couch / last letter β€œa”: annex

2. We practice English

See point 1, but we speak the words in English, e.g. pencil -> last letter “l”: liquid

3. Secrets hidden in license plates.

This is one of our favorite games! Creatively expand the symbols you encounter on license plates. E.g. LWL – love Warszawa love, ZKL – ban on lying to people, or laminate installation plant πŸ™‚

Great fun and lots of laughter guaranteed.

4. After driving 100 km, a small surprise awaits you.

On the one hand, this game is a great exercise in patience, but on the other hand it may have side effects in the form of questions like “how long until the next 100 km?” πŸ™‚ Still, it’s worth taking the risk. You can prepare small gifts, e.g. something that may be useful for the children in the place you are going to or is somehow related to this place. Puzzle elements or passwords revealed every 100 km will also be great – but you need to prepare them in advance.

5. A shared travel playlist.

It’s not a game, but it’s a good way to make your trip more pleasant. You set up a trip playlist by adding the favorite songs of each member of the trip. If you also like singing together, it’s great fun and you can learn a lot about each other πŸ™‚

6. Favorite audiobooks.

It’s also not fun, but a great alternative to the radio and music when the playlist of your favorite songs is exhausted. There are plenty of libraries available on the market, which even in free versions have quite an interesting offer. Especially the one for children.

And with an audiobook, just like with a book – time passes not only pleasantly, but also very quickly.

In addition to providing entertainment during the journey, remember that a child in a car seat who spends several hours in it also needs adequate driving comfort.

Plan stops and meals, but also make sure that the child’s seat is soft and airy enough and that the child has the right position in it. Our seat footrests – footpads and soft and anti-sweat seat inserts can certainly help you with this.

Safe and comfortable travels!


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