Why does your child need a footrest for the car seat?

The idea for footrests arose from observing our children's needs. We love to travel and cover thousands of kilometers each year. Unfortunately, our children often didn't enjoy car rides.

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Initially, we suspected the problem was the car, the car seat, or our driving style, but it turned out that our children were simply uncomfortable. Their legs had nowhere to rest, leading to constant complaining and discomfort. Their legs would end up everywhere, including on Dad’s shoulders while he was driving. It looked funny, but it was very dangerous!

brak komfortu dziecka w foteliku


We decided to create something that would allow them to comfortably rest their legs while ensuring safety.

Darek, an engineer and designer, realized that any object in the car during a collision or sudden braking could become a dangerous projectile.

We’ve already experienced an accident and know that even the smallest items can break, for example, the front windshield. Rollovers are particularly dangerous, during which all unsecured objects can pose a threat.



A few years ago, the first prototype of the footrest was created. Although it was ugly and clumsy, it turned out to perform its task perfectly.

I remember our first trip to Sandomierz, during which our son went the whole way without complaining. Subsequent trips – to the Polish seaside, Croatia, and Bulgaria – showed how beneficial the footrest is for a child in a car seat. Finally, the children could sit comfortably, and we could calmly reach our destination 😉

We still ask ourselves why we didn’t come up with this idea sooner?

In bars and restaurants with bar stools, there are always footrests for adults to be comfortable. Try sitting on a bar stool without resting your feet – how long can you endure it? Our children were traveling like this all the time.


największy problem dziecka w podróży

The whole problem is that children can’t explain the reasons for their behavior. They show their dissatisfaction by kicking the back of the seat, screaming, and crying. We assumed that a child in a car seat should just sit quietly – but it quickly turned out that this approach wasn’t sufficient.

All other items for children, like high chairs or strollers, have footrests for the child. So why don’t car seats have them?


naturalne podparcie pod stopy dla dziecka


Maybe someone simply didn’t think of the child as a living being who feels and can express dissatisfaction?

It’s important to remember that anything not securely fastened in a vehicle poses a threat.

That’s why safety was a top priority during the design of our footrests. Darek has been designing cars for the last 15 years and knows perfectly well how important it is for the attachments and construction of footrests to be durable.

We are the only manufacturer that has conducted so many safety tests on our footrests!


Our footrests have undergone a series of rigorous tests:

  • Crash test according to the latest regulation R129.03
  • Roll-over simulation to see how the footrest performs during a car overturn
  • Strength tests to ensure the footrests withstand vigorous child jumping
  • ISOFIX mounting tests, applying a force of 85 kg, which is 25 times greater than the weight of the footrest

All tests were conducted in accredited research laboratories in Poland and Europe to ensure that our footrests meet the highest safety standards.



Now you’re probably wondering if your child really needs a footrest?

We already know that it is necessary, and please check what you will gain by buying our footstool:

1. A functional, durable, and safe footrest for your child, safety-tested because everything you put in your car must be tested.

2. A footrest where your child can safely stand and jump because let’s face it, we can’t always keep our kids in check 😉

3. Solid foot support for your child, useful during travel and sleep, as well as motion sickness relief.

4. Easy installation and removal of the footrest to ISOFIX points, thanks to specially designed hooks that leave plenty of room to attach the car seat.

5. Adjustment mechanism that handles sand and dust, because let’s admit it, sand and dust are unavoidable.

6. Additional floor mounting for stability when your child stands on it.

7. Recommended by therapists for maintaining the correct sitting position for your child’s health and safety.

8. A five-year warranty on the product, because we’re confident it will continue to work even if an adult stands on it!


What we’ve described above is exclusive to our footrests. Why?

We’re the only manufacturer on the market that opposes planned obsolescence of products! We prioritize durability, aiming for our products to serve for many years, not just momentarily.

This principle guided every solution we implemented in our footrests. Every element was carefully considered, every shape and part has its purpose.

As a result, our footrests are functional, safe, and comfortable for your child and for you.

Now you know how to improve the comfort and safety of your child’s car rides. Click and order the footrest today, and we’ll ship it tomorrow. Ensure every journey for your child is enjoyable and safe!




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