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Backrest and seat – BASIC
Backrest and seat – BASIC

“Soft anti-sweat inserts for children’s car seats increase the comfort of the child’s journey in the seat. They are suitable for children aged 4 to 12. In the BASIC version, they fit smaller seats with a narrower seat.
The seat insert is thicker so that each child sits comfortably on it and can cover longer distances.
The porosity of the foam and the air bellows force air to circulate inside the seat, thanks to which the child’s skin sweats less even on hot days.
The inserts are made of foam with a specially selected density to ensure the ergonomic sitting position of the child in the seat.
We also recommend that the seat includes headrest inserts that absorb shocks to the child’s head, especially during sleep.
We provide a 5-year warranty on the product

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As parents, we make sure that our children travel safely and that they are as comfortable as possible while driving. What can we do to increase the comfort of a child’s journey in a car seat?

The solution is soft inserts for car seats that work in two ways at the same time:

– ventilate the seat and backrest
– provide adequate softness, thanks to which your child will travel comfortably