Test the seat footrest for 14 days

Recently, much attention has been paid to the safety of children transported in car seats. Seats were created to keep the child safe in the vehicle. However, few people talk about what should be done or what should be paid attention to so that all these safeguards have a chance to work properly. We also downplay the fact that the seat should be properly adjusted to both the child and the specific car model. Why is proper seat adjustment so important?

I will write this article from the point of view of a parent who had the opportunity to observe in practice how a child behaves in various seats. What are the changing needs of a growing child, what accessories are worth adding to the seat and what impact do they have on the child's driving comfort and safety!

Match the children car seat to your child and car

The child car seat consists of several seemingly ordinary parts, such as a seat, backrest and headrest – they are more or less comfortable for the child (that’s why we also invented seat inserts 😉). The seat seat usually has guides that are crucial for properly positioning the seat belt on the child’s pelvis. In turn, the headrest has a belt guide in the chest part.

Dziecko w foteliku samochodowym z poprawnie zmiętymi pasami i podnóżkiem do fotelika dla dziecka

A child car seat is a very technically advanced part of vehicle equipment. Its tests are very long-lasting, and achieving high test results is very difficult. The engineers made every effort to ensure that the child was safe during the accident. However, the moment the seat leaves the factory, parent education becomes extremely important. As with any tool, you also need to know how to use the car seat. Like any object, it can bring many benefits, but it can also harm the child if we do not know how to use it properly. For this reason, it is of great importance that the seat fits the child and the car. It is best to do this in a specialist shop with car seats.

jak rozpoznać niskie napięcie mięśniowe u dziecka podróżującego w foteliku samochodowym

We also cannot forget that a child is a living being that feels and lets us know when the child is uncomfortable. Additionally, the child grows and the seat remains the same. Therefore, it is worth considering additional equipment for the seat at the stage of purchasing the seat – e.g. a footrest for the seat, so that the child can travel comfortably at all times, just like us – adults.

Footrest for a child’s car seat

Why is a seat footrest so important in ensuring the comfort and safety of a child’s journey?

To answer this question, imagine that you are sitting on a barstool but you have nowhere to put your feet. It’s OK for a while, but then the chair, no matter how soft and comfortable, starts to press on the muscles. You start to feel the weight of your legs. You try to change the position of your body so that the blood can circulate normally, but this only provides temporary relief.

brak podparcia nóg dziecka podczas jazdy w foteliku samochodowym

That’s why a child in a car seat tries to put his feet anywhere in the car whenever he can. He swings his legs, kicking the driver or passenger seat to stimulate circulation and get rid of that nasty feeling of numbness in his legs. At the same time, he changes the position of his body in relation to the seat and, even worse, in relation to the seat belts that are supposed to protect him.

In this way, the child lets us know that he is uncomfortable. However, it is enough to add an OKIDAY footrest to the seat to change this situation. Be sure to also make sure that your child can stand on the footrest with his or her entire weight. This is especially important when getting the child into the seat and during travel, so that the child can improve its position in the seat.

Połączenie podnóżka do fotelika samochodowego z fotelikiem z bazą i z nogą podpierającą jest możliwe – zobacz jakie to proste z podnóżkiem OKIDAY do dziecięcych fotelików samochodowych

When a child has a place to rest his legs, everything changes. It turns out that driving longer distances is possible. He is calm and smiling. Going on holiday to Croatia or further to Bulgaria is a pleasure.

That’s why we designed a footrest for the seat – to help your child, improve his comfort and safety while traveling.

Children grow very quickly. At the age of 4, they move from rear-facing seats to forward-facing ones, and then we notice that the child has nothing to do with his or her legs. Previously, they were supported all the time, and now their legs are still too short to reach the floor.

Test the seat footrest

Let your child feel the difference and be able to travel safely and comfortably just like you.
You can test our footrest for 14 days, and if it does not meet your expectations, you can return it to the store. The regulations of the campaign are available here. See how great it is when driving your child to school or kindergarten. Take it on a trip and see how it works in practice.

For us, as parents, the coolest thing was that our children asked the question “how far away?” much less often. 😉. There were definitely fewer arguments in the car, and with two children this is already quite an achievement. From a safety point of view, I was much less likely to ask children to adjust their seat belts. In a pleasant atmosphere, the road passed very quickly 😉

Podnóżek do fotelika samochodowego dla dziecka

Your child will be able to stand on the footrest and take the correct position in the seat on his own. An easy-to-use mechanism for adjusting the height of the supports under the feet will allow the child to adjust the height of the supports themselves to ensure comfort while riding. Attaching the footrest to the floor with strong Velcro significantly improves its stability. The footrest remains in place when the child stands on it.

The OKIDAY footrest was designed with children and families traveling by car in mind. It works great for us – check it out too!

Ask about the OKIDAY footrest in specialist stationary car seat stores!

Also read other articles where you will learn what else is worth paying attention to. We will reveal various facts and secrets to you 😉

For more information about the footrest and other products supporting children’s comfort while traveling, please visit our blog. We make sure that traveling with children is comfortable and safe for the whole family.


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