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How to deal with a crying baby while traveling

Traveling by car with a toddler can be a challenge, especially if the baby starts crying while driving. A crying baby can distract the driver and make it difficult to concentrate, which may negatively affect travel safety.

Ways to deal with a crying baby while traveling

Here are some recommendations tested on multi-kilometer routes that significantly reduced our children’s impatience:

1. First of all, take care of your comfort

in advance
Adult life has accustomed us to reaching everywhere. However, our children are not so lucky and sometimes simple numbness in the legs can contribute to quick impatience. And from here it’s just one step away from crying. To prevent this, think about Okiday footrest for a car seat. It is not only a convenient solution for your child, but also a tool that can help you stay calm while driving.

2. Have your favorite entertainment

up your sleeve
Toys, books or a favorite quilt can attract your baby’s attention and help keep him calm. It’s worth having them always at hand when traveling.

3. Plan breaks

If your journey is long, plan regular rest breaks. The child will have opportunities to be distracted and move, which can reduce frustration.

4. Appropriate temperature and ventilation

Make sure the temperature in the car is appropriate for your baby. Too hot or too cold can affect his comfort and mood.

5. Songs and conversation

Sometimes accompanying your child while driving by singing songs (from my own experience, “Hakuna matata” is irreplaceable) or talking can help distract him and calm him down.

It’s worth noting that every baby is different, so experiment and find out which methods work best for your little one.

The Okiday car footrest is an irreplaceable tool that ensures your child’s comfort and safety when traveling by car. If you want to make traveling with your little one as pleasant as possible, it is worth considering using it. Remember, however, that this is just one of many solutions that can help you deal with a crying baby while driving. It is worth adapting methods to your child’s needs to make the trip a pleasure for both you and your child.

With such an arsenal of ideas, travel adversities are no longer scary, it’s time to hit the road! For inspiration, visit the Travel recommendations section!


How do you deal with a crying baby while traveling? Does your child also have nowhere to put his feet?
Think about what it would be like to travel with your legs hanging in the air?
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